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Friday, May 21, 2021

Pic of the Day - Once in a Lifetime Gobbler

Sharing this photo and description of todays hunt by Russ Gleixner 

What a incredible morning to shoot a once in lifetime gobbler like this in the big woods.. 
All white wing feathers and smoke phased tail fan. Him and another gob came in strutting, hammering, spitting and drumming to put on a real good show. I passed on 4 other longbeards earlier this week, I'm just out for the fun of the hunt. I don't have to fill my 2nd tag like many guys think. I could care less, but if the right bird comes along and puts on a real good show and its a good hunt then I might shoot it. Good things come to those who wait. Not a big bird at all but beautiful.
 **Note** This was shot in the big woods. No farms even in the vicinity of this area. 6 miles crows fly to the nearest little farm. Many wild gobblers can have white in them. Does not always mean they bred with a domestic when you see white in the feathers. 3/4" spurs 9in beard 14.8lbs.
Russ, thanks for allowing me to share this photo.
I've never seen a wild turkey with white feathers! 

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