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Friday, April 16, 2021

Cameron County Project Releases Community Value Statements


Cameron County Project Releases Community Value Statements; 
Looks to Community for Help Prioritizing Ideas

Emporium, Pa (April 16, 2021): Over the last two years, you shared what you love, your thoughts, and ideas with us. Last year, you told us what we got right, very wrong and we made your corrections. 

We are excited to share the fully-resident-vetted, Cameron County Community Value Statements: Nature ​“Cameron County values the nature that abounds within our borders, from the abiding beauty of our mountains, streams, and forests to our diverse wildlife. We appreciate the variety of recreational activities and scenic views it provides us

.” Sense of Community “ Cameron County values the Sense of Community created by our people and fostered by our scenic communities and the slower pace of life that make us so unique. 
 We value the people we call neighbors, finding them kind, friendly, hardworking individuals who make our communities feel secure and welcoming.
  We revere the community spirit felt between residents -where we know one another and come together with a willingness to help in times of need. 
 We treasure the slow pace, quiet nature of neighborhoods and boroughs-where our tree lined streets and valley-nestled communities inspire a familiar feeling a home.

” Local Economy “ County values our local businesses, industries, and entrepreneurs who are the backbone of our local economy and the heartbeat of our communities, while acknowledging the potential our county offers for expanded amenities and industry.

” Safety “ County believes in sustaining a safe, secure, and close-knit community to live, work and play.” Accessibility “Cameron County values walkable communities, the safe travel between each of our municipalities and the ability to easily navigate our vast dirt road and trail system.

” Arts & Heritage “ Cameron County cherishes sharing our rich history and coming together to celebrate our community and artisans through year round community events, throughout county.

” Youth Wellbeing"
Cameron County values the well-being of our young, adolescent, and teenage residents. We believe in supporting their educational and athletic pursuits and are committed to offering them a variety of opportunities to participate and recreate within our county.”

These values are our shared, non-negotiables as we look toward a vibrant future, creating the common ground of our shared Cam Co Identity as residents and neighbors, who view Cameron County through 4600 different lenses. 

Over the next 6 weeks, we need your help to rank ideas for their place in the Cam Co Proud Call to Action Plan. This study and plan can be used to bring resident supported ideas to the table, aid in planning, and assist in securing funding to help bring them to life. We’ll be sharing your hopes, concerns, and ideas via print, in person, and on our website and social media while providing digital and in person opportunities for comment.

 You can follow this Project and participate online at or by emailing: We’ll be announcing in person opportunities week to week.

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