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Monday, November 28, 2016

Vandals Target Emporium Businesses

Vandals Target Emporium Businesses

 The spirit of Christmas ruined by a vandalism spree that began Thanksgiving night. Numerous unique holiday designs created by Emporium businesses tore apart or stolen. In addition the large flower pots adorning the two major intersections downtown had the greens torn out and thrown on the ground. A cement bench also moved and in the process two cracks now threaten the structure. 

"Disappointment does not begin to describe my feelings," says Cameron County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tina Solak. Solak continues, "these businesses struggle to keep their doors open, due to shoppers purchasing on the internet or at big box stores, so they create an inviting atmosphere that is ruined by thugs." Solak says she will spend the next few days collecting information from the business owners and will file a police report. "The action over the last few days makes it difficult to find volunteers and business owners willing to give time to spruce up the town.
 It is sad."

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