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Friday, January 14, 2022

Wellness Blood Screening

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Good News! 
Update - Our Emporium Rotary Club will hold the Annual Blood Screening event June 11th in Emporium. Prior events were held at the Emporium Fire Hall.
Updates will be sent out as soon as I have the information. 

It's that time of year again when most of us have our health insurance deductibles starting over again.

 I don't know when Penn Highlands or UPMC Cole will be holding any Community Blood Screenings. I contacted Penn Highlands, but they don't have any scheduled in the near future. 

 Anyone can go to TruChoice Diagnostics in Dubois, PA. to have a blood screening done.

 TruChoice Diagnostics is located at 135 Midway Drive, Suite A, Du Bois, PA., 15801. 

Just give them a call at (814) 200-9791. 

Their Wellness Panel is $45 with affordable add ons. This can be a huge help to those that have a high health deductible or anyone that wants to monitor their blood work frequently.
Click on this link to scroll through the page for their cash pricing information and to see what lab tests they can do onsite. 

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