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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Contry Blessings

The Country Blessings staff would like to once again thank the local community, as well as the

surrounding communities for all the donations they have blessed us with over the past years. We continue to get things such as clothes, nick-knacks, small appliances, toys, and a variety of other things.

As much as we would like to take all donations there are some things we simply cannot take for various reasons. Some of the items we do not take are as follows…baby cribs, no matter how good of shape they are in we simply cannot take them; old beds of any kinds, large old TV’s, electrical ‘gadgets’ or large pieces of furniture. Country Blessings does not have the proper means to store any of these things and it cost us extra to have them disposed. We are asking if you have any such items and feel we could benefit

from them please contact us at 814-486-1841 ext 1 to make sure there is a need before you drop them off. We do not take broken toys, used personal pillows, and opened food items; these can be unhealthy to the public and we just end up tossing them in the garbage; if you could throw them away yourself it would be greatly appreciated.

We would also like to remind those who donate to County Blessings, please make sure your clothes are laundered before you drop them off. Any clothing that are soiled or have heavy animal hair on them will be discarded. We would like to continue to keep the high level of quality items in our shop and we thank you for your donations and cooperation in helping us do so.

If you are not sure how to get into the building, we have 3 entrances to the building, the main front doors, and 2 doors in the back. As you go through the alley behind the building, you will see a ramp, for handicap accessibility, and there is another door past the green dumpster; under the small roof. Please drop your donations off behind the building by the back door under the small the roof, this helps keep it out of the weather.

The sale for the week of May 6-8th are ALL SHIRTS are 50% OFF! This makes the Adult shirts $1.50 and the shirts size 7 and under $1.00! What a bargain! While you out for your walk this week, stop in and check us out. The hours are Wednesday thru Friday 9 a.m.—5 p.m.

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