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Wednesday, January 27, 2010



As part of the upcoming sesquicentennial celebration of our county, The Sylvan Heritage Council has embarked upon a street banner project to memorialize (or honor) individuals who have contributed in some way to the betterment of Cameron County and its citizens. Families, businesses, churches, or any other group may honor a family member, founding father, or any individual you feel has positively impacted Cameron County.

The banners will be proudly displayed in downtown Emporium (and other key intersections in Cameron County) from March through December 2010. They are 30” wide x 60” tall and will be hung from Emporium’s streetlights (similar to the Christmas banners that were displayed in the Borough over the holidays). Each unique banner will be screenprinted with an image of the person your family/organization wishes to honor or memorialize (you must provide us with a picture), as well as his or her name. The sponsor’s name will be prominently displayed at the bottom as well. A sampling of the those purchased to date include images of George Erskine (by Helen Erskine), Lawrence Munson (by Frances Munson), Father O’Connell (by St. Mark Catholic Church), Esther Bosnick (by Cameron County Chamber of Commerce and Artisan Center), Tyler Bush (by the Class of 1960), Frank and Sylvia Berman (by their children) + approximately twenty five others.

Sponsor a banner for $185.00 and help us celebrate Cameron County’s 150th birthday! If you have no one in particular in mind, we have lots of ideas! Our goal is to display 50 banners, each with a different image of someone who has, or will, go down in Cameron County History. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a banner, please contact Linda Lundberg at 486-1709. Applications can only be accepted until January 31, 2010.