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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Congratulations Pinellas Computers!

I'd like to give a shout out to my hardworking nephew and congratulate him on celebrating 10 years in business as Pinellas Computers! Here is his timeline. I sure wish he was in PA, but he often solves that problem by logging into our computers to fix any problems.

2006-2009 [Serious Practice] Various odd-jobs for friend’s family, family friends’, and some ‘less-documented’ jobs for for some “OG” clients… (@Kr.Greene, @J&BPortman, @JHoman, @JLoudermilk, @George.Schffr, @authorRJSmith, @sHatfield, @captGGammon, + too.many.more!)

2009.10 [Make IT Legit] You can’t be a “real” business without Documentation, Insurances, Taxes, Banking, Credit, Legal, Real-World-Experience… (@ASendrowski, @DavidRose, @GJoyner, @StephenDaniels, @WaltBurgess’ @TaxTheresa)

2009.10.16 [Incorporated AF] “But what do we call it?” …Various reject names, ludicrous brainstorming – Pinellas Computers & Repair, LLC #waytoolong #shortenit … (@SpiderDad, @UncleJohn, @MadBchClub)

2010 [Build a Base] Fix computers full-time, college part-time, bartend part-time. Build and create 24/7, sleep 6/7 - dream all the time. Don’t forget to eat! Talk to people, find a spot, learn to make it magic! …(@WMTdeuce, @ExtremeTony, @ParadiseNancy, @LizardJuiceGary, @PurpleOnion)

2011 [Get Help] 100% of the best person is still only 1 person - Find great talent and potential. Learn together and create, trial and error, go fight win! Learn from pros with other smart people… (@SMaloney, @RPDemers, @CSizelove, @TommyGibbs, @iCureRafal)

2012 [Combine Forces] People like us. If only we could clone our process, staff, inventory, location, knowledge, etc. Wait, we can do that(?). Do we - #doit (@realCMallory, @RickMalloryJr, @WreckanizeMike, @AppleMCortez, @AlaskaMike, @FCinellaTax, @TDeCarlo, @patDaly)

2013 [Hub + Spoke] Grab unbelievable third spot in St. Pete now, figure out continuity later. Add new payment solutions, unified VoIP phones, remote support software, custom designed workspace… (@IT4SmallBiz, @D$olaris, @Trung, @Breezy, @LesPadleyDesigns)

2014 [Refine & Polish] Implement helpdesk ticketing and inventory system, purchase first company car #spark, create dispatch support system, rack-mount AD/WDS servers, move OG store into larger suite in Seminole, added employee benefits… (@ezitChuck, @JoshR, @D-Lock, @BenefitsBlaine)

2015 [Duplicate Simplicity] Migrate Walsingham strip-center into Barclay Square Largo, extend Tyrone repair workshop area, add WSUS deployment automations, begin selling new and refurbished laptops, find more great people… (@OwenRA, @LCohen, @n00bLucas)

2016 [Program Clouds] Implement fully-hosted email with MS 365, communications with Slack, taxes and accounting with Xero, credentials with LastPass, security with Vipre, cellular (staff perk) with T-Mobile… (@StuartB)

2017 [Innovate Scalability] Adopted all-in-one tooling for Diagnostics, purchased two more fleet vehicles #fiat500s, introduced security+support membership packages (VIP plans), extended hours on Saturdays. (@DKim)

2018 [Optimize, Agile] Automate talent screening and testing with ATS, enhance HR benefits with Gusto, document processes with Confluence, partner with OEM vendor for RAM/SSD’s, build-out infrastructure for Managed Services (MSP) partnership… (@AntMachalek, @escuVictor, @JEF)

2019 [Make Moves] Launched Clearwater Mall office, relocated admin/billing headquarters to DT Clearwater, added BirdEye QC surveys, smart documentation with Trainual, endpoint infrastructure support management with ConnectWise/NinjaRMM… (@Dalton, @Josh)

Current [Newer Faster Better] Renovate retail fixtures and product offerings, implement MS Teams messaging, add performance appraisal tooling, add 2-stage support chain for faster diagnostic turn-around, add employee breakrooms + QoL amenities. Welcome new team members! (@Haidyn, @AAron)

And, here we are now! We’re still working smart, learning constantly, and innovating all the time. Now we’re studying client survey feedback and raw analytic data, so we better cater our services to the desires of what our clients want: Fast answers, clear expectations, and transparent pricing. Pinellas Computers doesn't exist to be just "another computer shop". We’re here to deliver best-in-class technology solutions with IT Expert human service - We want you to love your IT!

We’re simplifying our most popular software + service offerings into convenient/affordable subscription packages to give you everything you need for a great computing experience, along with complete peace-of-mind for your device investment. As of this week, we’re specializing staff roles in our workflow to speed-up turn-around times for repairs and deployments. Next, we'll be working on developing a next-generation online experience for requesting support and accessing membership benefits/portals (with exclusive grandfathered pricing for pre-2020 members).

Here’s to another decade of technological innovation and IT magic – 2020 is going to be ROCKIN!

With Heartfelt Regards,

-Ryan Malize Founder / CTO / Beef Jerky Connoisseur

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