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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The results are in for the 4th Annual David Hutton Memorial 5k Run & 2 Mile walk which was held on August 15th in Emporium, PA. with 50 runners competing.

Two new records were set in the mens and womens overall categories. Wee J. Fernan finished with a time of 17:33 in the mens division, and Emily Giannotti's new record for the womens division was 19:43 ! Thanks to all the participants and race coordinators for making this another succesful year.

Male Overall:

Wee J. Fernan 17:33 New course record!

Male 14 & under:
1st Joseph Horning 28th overall 26:13
2nd Cody Neff 41st overall 30:31

Male 15-19:
1st Steven Kibbe 4th overall 18:21
2nd John Ausel 5th overall 18:28
3rd Caleb Lecker 6th overall 18:42
4th Trevor Clark 23rd overall 24:55

Male 20-29:
1st Ben Huey 2nd overall 17:49
2nd Jeff Hutton 3rd overall 18:06
3rd Nate Dippold 9th overall 19:53
4th Cory Neff 13th overall 22:37
5th Joe Haines 35th overall 27:48
6th Eric Grasser 45th overall 31:44
7th Derek Newcomer 48th overall 33:49

Male 30-39:
1st Timothy Wyant 7th overall 18:56
2nd James Housler 10th overall 20:28
3rd Andy Sidelinger 15th overall 22:50
4th Scott Surra 18th overall 23:53
5th Kurt O’Brian 19th overall 24:14
6th Eugene Barr 20th overall 24:44
7TH Shawn Whitaker 21st overall 24:47
8th Mark Conklin 24th overall 25:27

Male 40-49:
1st Myron Zwally 11th overall 20:38
2nd Tom Hutton 12th overall 22:10
3rd Larry Grigsby 25th overall 25:37
4th Bill Carr 26th overall 25:48

Male 50-59:
1st Ken Huey 16th overall 23:20
2nd Dan Miller 22nd overall 24:54

Male 60-69:
1st Chuck Kepler 27th overall 25:50
2nd Ben Zappa 29th overall 26:25
3rd Don Olivett 40th overall 30:21

Female Overall:

Emily Giannotti 19:43 New Course Record!

Female 14 and under:
1st Amelia Kibbe 17th overall 23:38
2nd Marissa Umble 42nd overall 30:45

Female 15-19:
1st Allison Giannotti 14th overall 22:48
2nd Lauren Topolski 32nd overall 27:04

Female 20-29:
1st Tiffany Russell 36th overall 28:05
2nd Heather Newcomer 43rd overall 31:03
3rd Sarah Gehman 46th overall 33:02
4th Beth Newcomer 47th overall 33:48

Female 30-39:
1st Margaret Travis 33rd overall 27:05
2nd Michele Burdick 49th overall 34:45
3rd Carey Pifer 50th overall 43:48

Female 40-49:
1st Christine Morrison 30th overall 26:40
2nd Patty Giannotti 31st overall 26:53
3rd Beth Horning 34th overall 27:29
4th Tammy Gaines 37th overall 28:17
5th Joanna Mason 39th overall 28:50
6th Molly Topolski 44th overall 31:13

Female 50-59:
1st Sue Newcomer 38th overall 28:21

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