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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I am ART

We Need Your Help.

 Over the past months, TEAM Cameron County has discussed several art oriented projects for our community. One of those projects, the Cameron County mural project is already underway and will include a large outdoor mural made of recycled materials along the Rails-to-Trails path. That project is a long-term endeavor inspired by a very talented local artist Sarah Nolan. A second project in the beginning level of planning is an art co-op that would include woodworking and pottery equipment, painting and art supplies, and classes for the community. The co-op would be open to the public. We originally looked at these projects as individual achievements. Each is a project in itself. After reviewing what other communities have achieved, we feel it may be more advantageous to manage these projects as a whole, and not individually. We are now in search of 6-7 art loving individuals who feel the need to serve on a committee to help establish an art non-profit similar to the Elk County Council of the Arts. By establishing a non-profit, it would allow the organization access to a number of grants and other areas of financial support. An art co-op would be another large draw that our community deserves. We urge everyone to get involved. If you would like to get involved, want to volunteer some time, and would like to discuss being part of this group, please direct message us. No commitment. We are only beginning our trip and not sure where it will head. See if you’re the one to make this happen!
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