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Monday, January 29, 2018

Call to Action Meeting Well Attended

The chairs were filled at tonight's "Call to Action" meeting headed by Jessica Herzing. Jessica, a resident of Cameron County, outlined the Cameron County Project initiative.

The Cameron County Project’s mission is to encourage residents to be engaged and to build community pride by focusing on what unites us as residents in Cameron County – Our stories of why we love it here. I want to create a force of community pride and positivity that is contagious to my neighbors, warmly welcomed and encouraged to thrive, helping guide decision making in our community.

There are so many ways to promote change and make decisions in a community – many rely on things that an accountant, like myself, normally can get behind – mainly numbers and statistics, ratios to this and that. But you and I are not numbers, we’re hearts, souls, experiences, and beliefs – all that shape how we view the good, and bad, in our county. The Cameron County Project is patterned after the Orton Family Foundation’s successful Community Heart and Soul program that captures the positive of a community through the stories told by those living here. Its principles are simple.

1. Involve Everyone – and take the collective “idea bucket” to them, so their ideas can be heard.

2. Focus on what Matters – Identify the community’s characteristics and attributes where residents’ emotional attachments lie to define what matters most about our community and use those as a guide to how we change and grow.

3. Play the Long Game – Focus the project on ensuring that the community’s plans or ideas don’t just sit on the shelf but are owned by the residents who have a commitment to their success.

It’s through this development of deep emotional connections to the community that lead to a resident’s commitment, action and a community that can build resilience through the practice of working together and learning new skills.

Jessica ended tonight's meeting speaking to several people about volunteering their time for this project.

You can also follow the project and participate through their website or by emailing Jess: